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What is One Month to Change?

It's a Book that has been written for the busy person in mind or the person who doesn't like reading to much. Inside, you'll find all the information you will need to change your life for the better, in simple daily steps.

Why One Month?

Well the way our brain works or if you like our psychology; it takes time to change the way we think or to look at things differently. Some people can do this quicker than others, but on average it will take one month, we are all unique! When we look at things differently our lives can become better. It is very easy to do and this site/book will also help you improve your life, by reading the Teachings that are Daily and Weekly. We are adding more information often and working on improving things. So check back Often, also Please visit the 'Book' page and order your copy and start to improve your life for the better today.

Thank you