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Daily Inspiration.
''As long as your going to be thinking anyway,
think big.''

- Donald Trump

Weekly Teachings
You may believe that your imagination
is just thoughts and dreams,
but infact they effect the real world.
Think of scientists, they have to prove if
something is real or not.
They imagine the outcome and create the results
before the experiment is complete.
That's why each scientist always has different results from
another scientist. Because they use their imagination
which creates the results.
It's the Law of Attraction at work.

Imagination is the Key to success,
The Great People past and present have all imagined
themselves being successful first.
They have never said 'I will not be able to do it',
They have all said 'I can do it and I will do it'.
You have the power to be whatever you want to be and
create whatever circumstances you desire.
First thing to do is to imagine it and then give LOVE to it.
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"Science is organized knowledge." - Herbert Spencer

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